About Us

Hi, our names are Kevin and Katrina Swan, we are Ballroom, Latin American, Rock n Roll and Salsa dance teacher's and we are I.D.T.A trained.

In our younger days we were amateur dance competitors for Ballroom and Latin all around the country through the 70's and 80's. 

Katrina was 17 and advertised for a dance partner in 1973, I answered the add, We were married in 1977 and carried on competing until we had children. When our second child was born we continued  on for a little while longer and then retired from competitions.

You never lose the dance bug, we met some friends who danced, and they helped us get back into dancing.

After dancing for over forty years we have always wanted to teach so the opportunity came up in 2008 when we started to teach on a Monday night's and Sunday night's at two different dance schools.

The teacher that we helped to do christmas demo's for at one of the dance school's included a number of lifts. Even though we are older age its just a number where dancing in concerned!


Katrina and I have a hall of our own now where we teach. We offer private lessons for couple's and single's in Ballroom, Latin, Salsa and Rock n Roll. 

We are unique as we teach as a couple!  


Beginners and intermediate classes are held on Wednesday and Thursday evening's at The Commuitey centre, The Church of the Nazarene, The Brow, Garston, Watford.

If you would like a first wedding dance or anniversary party piece then we can help, couple's or single's come along and have some fun. 

Anybody can dance even those with two left feet

For enquiries please visit our contact page.